Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowners insurance because policies provide coverage for sudden and accidental property damage…and termite damage is considered preventable through proper home maintenance. Prevention is the best way to avoid costs, headaches and hassles of repairing your home. The strategically placed Sentricon® System kills the termite queen and eliminates the colony.


The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ technology begins protecting your home against termites right away. Recruit® HD termite bait is placed in all stations around your home upon installation, making it immediately available to termites. This highly durable bait is specially designed to remain in the soil for long periods of time. Termites prefer it over the wood in your home and actually find it even more palatable as it ages. There is enough active ingredient in just one bait device to eliminate a typical termite colony, making Sentricon with Always Active the most effective termite treatment option available. Even after a colony has been  eliminated, Sentricon with Always Active remains on guard, protecting your home from the threat of future invasions.

Sentricon with Always Active is also environmentally responsible. It uses just a small amount of active ingredient in each Recruit HD bait device, and the bait can be removed at any time. It works with a termite’s biology and does not pose a threat to humans, pets or the environment.

Sentricon NO Graphic 12-2014

Only the industry’s best are selected to install and service the Sentricon System. These Certified Sentricon Specialists™ undergo extensive training and utilize state-of-the-art data management tools to ensure your home is properly inspected and protected. Proven results and professional service are what have made Sentricon the No. 1 customer preferred termite treatment option.