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  1. Summertime Pests Part 2

    In our previous post, we looked at some of the common summertime pests that many homeowners in Florida deal with. Continue reading today’s post to learn about a few more summertime pests that may be wreaking havoc in your grass this season. Whether you’re concerned about possible pest problems in your lawn or you just want to schedule routine lawn care, we can help. Contact Palm Coast Pest Con…Read More

  2. Watch Out for These Summertime Pests – Part 1

    In Florida, we are able to enjoy gorgeous warm weather almost every day of the year. While the casual tourist might not notice the change in our “seasons,” every local can identify the tell-tale signs of change. As we move towards the hottest season of the year, there are some common summertime pests that you want to be on the lookout for. At Palm Coast Pest Control in Jupiter, we will help yo…Read More

  3. Caring for Your Landscape This Spring

    While every time of year is a wonderful time when you live in Florida, you probably still get excited to do spring planting each year. Whether you are looking to give your yard a completely different look or simply add a few fresh plants to specific areas, we have the landscaping ideas that you should try. Palm Coast Pest Control in Jupiter knows that a landscaped yard is one that gives you a lot …Read More

  4. 4 Things You Should Know About Spring Lawn Care

    While some people might argue that Florida doesn’t have a change of seasons, true Floridians know that just isn’t true. In fact, the change in humidity and temperature is quite noticeable to native Floridians. With that being said, you are probably well aware that we are getting closer to spring, which means that you want to be preparing your lawn for the coming changes. At Palm Coast Pest Con…Read More

  5. Top 10 Venomous Critters of Florida

      Top 10 Venomous Animals of Florida Florida has its share of deadly animals. They may bite you, sting or just affect you by getting into contact with your skin. This is a list of the ten most venomous animals found in Florida. Brown Recluse This is among the most dangerous spiders in Florida. Brown Recluse spiders dwell in poorly lit places. If they feel threatened, they give very nasty venomous…Read More

  6. Everything You Need to Know About Lubber Grasshoppers

    Everything You Need To Know About Lubber Grasshoppers This species of grasshopper is well-known due to its large size and use in dissertation exercises in biology classrooms. It occurs in large numbers in Florida and leads to the serious destruction of crops and citrus fruit plantations. The lubber moves by crawling and walking feebly. It gets its name from the way it moves clumsily and lazily ove…Read More

  7. In2Care Mosquito Trap in South Florida

    The Answer To All Your Mosquito Problems As a resident of South Florida, you understand the constant struggle of battling mosquitos. Mosquitos are not only annoying but can also pose numerous health risks to humans and their pets. According to Mosquito.org, more than one million people die from mosquito-borne illness worldwide every year. A single mosquito bite can spread diseases such as malaria,…Read More

  8. Bugs That Are Too Cool For School

    The mere thought of insects is enough to make most peoples' skin crawl. Despite the general feeling most people have about insects, these creepy crawly creatures are actually quite interesting. In this article, we'll uncover twenty interesting and disturbing facts about bugs that will amaze you as much as they will creep you out. 5 Disturbing Bug Facts That Will Blow Your Mind Cockroaches Can Live…Read More

  9. Landscape Design Trends of 2018

    Landscape Design Trends Of 2018 Interior design trends and styles come and go. The same applies to trends within the landscaping industry. According to Traditional Home, the healthy economy has helped many homeowners and property managers become innovative with their landscaping. Keeping up-to-date with the latest and greatest in landscape design is no easy task. That’s why we’ve compiled a li…Read More

  10. How To Keep Wild Animals in the Wild

    How To Keep Wild Animals In The Wild One of the many benefits of living in Florida is the abundance of beautiful wildlife species that call the Sunshine State home. While we enjoy observing these beautiful creatures, most of us prefer to do so from a distance. Unfortunately, our homes provide the ideal refuge for wild animals. Can you blame them? Youe home comes complete with easy access to food, …Read More