1. Coastal Exterminator Tips for Pest-Free Apartments

    Pests are indiscriminate when it comes to the homes that they invade, and though we often think of single-family homes when we talk about residential pest control, the truth is that those who live in apartments are just as susceptible to frustrating infestations. Here at Palm Coast Pest Control, we are here to help you keep your home free of unwanted pests, regardless of what type of home you have…Read More

  2. Questions to Ask a Pest Control Company

    You wouldn’t hire just any contractor to perform work on your home without asking them some questions first, and it’s no different when you are preparing to hire a local pest control company. The pest control industry is incredibly competitive. That means that some companies are better than others, but it can be hard to tell who’s who unless you know what type of questions to ask as you call…Read More

  3. Cockroach Control FAQs

    If you are like most property owners, the thought of cockroaches scurrying around your house is enough to make your skin crawl. These troublesome pests are very common in Florida, especially during the winter months, and once they invade your home, they can be difficult to get rid of without the help of a professional. Palm Coast Pest Control is your Top Rated Local® pest control specialist, and …Read More

  4. Is Your Home Protected From Winter Pests?

    Winter will officially be here in a little more than a month, and it is never too early to protect your home against the common pests that frequent the east and west coast of Florida in the cool winter months. Palm Coast Pest Control is your Top Rated Local® pest control company, and we are happy to provide you with industry-leading pest control services such as cockroach extermination and rodent…Read More

  5. Protect Your Family and Home with Florida Rodent Control

    It’s probably safe to say that no one wants to deal with a rodent infestation. Aside from being a nuisance around your home, these troublesome pests can actually be hazardous to your health and undermine the structural integrity of your home. Palm Coast Pest Control is your Top Rated Local® pest control company, and we proudly provide affordable and effective rodent control for both the east an…Read More

  6. Top 10 Venomous Critters of Florida

      Top 10 Venomous Animals of Florida Florida has its share of deadly animals. They may bite you, sting or just affect you by getting into contact with your skin. This is a list of the ten most venomous animals found in Florida. Brown Recluse This is among the most dangerous spiders in Florida. Brown Recluse spiders dwell in poorly lit places. If they feel threatened, they give very nasty venomous…Read More

  7. Everything You Need to Know About Lubber Grasshoppers

    Everything You Need To Know About Lubber Grasshoppers This species of grasshopper is well-known due to its large size and use in dissertation exercises in biology classrooms. It occurs in large numbers in Florida and leads to the serious destruction of crops and citrus fruit plantations. The lubber moves by crawling and walking feebly. It gets its name from the way it moves clumsily and lazily ove…Read More

  8. Beware of Fire Ants After Hurricanes

    Little more than a week has passed since Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Gulf Coast. This powerful storm fell short of a Category 5 hurricane by just 2 mph as it smashed into the Florida panhandle, leaving a path of destruction and flooding in its wake. Stories and news reports continue to roll in daily about Michael, including those of large ant swarms. Finding groups of ants after hurrica…Read More

  9. Ant Control Tips for Fall and Winter

    Cooler weather is finally on the way to Florida, leaving the hot, humid days of summer in the rearview mirror. If we aren’t busy dodging hurricanes this time of year, we are busy ridding homeowners of troublesome pests, including ants. These tiny pests are very common in the fall and winter months, and thankfully, our industry-leading ant control services in Florida allow you to enjoy a pest-fre…Read More

  10. Florida’s Creepiest Crawlers

    Floridas Creepy Crawlers Halloween is no doubt one of the most awaited periods of the year. This is the time of the year where people decorate their houses with scary, creepy creatures like plastic cockroaches, fake spiders, rubber snakes, and cobwebs and also dress up in scary and themed costumes. Even these lifeless and straightforward substitutes can be squeamish the faint-hearted talk of the o…Read More