1. Common Pests To Look Out For in Florida, Part Two

    Living in Florida has many advantages, however the warm and humid weather tends to attract a variety of unwanted pests. In part one of this series, we looked at some common pests in Florida including silverfish and palmetto bugs. In part two, we’ll take a look at a few more pests to look out for in and around your Florida home. If you need assistance ridding your home of unwanted pests or rodent…Read More

  2. Common Pests To Look Out For in Florida, Part One

    Did you know that the great state of Florida has at least 12,500 insect species? Many of these little critters can cause serious damage to your home or lawn, so it’s important to stay on top of pest control in and around your home this summer. At Palm Coast Pest Control, we’ve successfully helped hundreds of Florida residents rid their home and property of unwanted pests using the safest exter…Read More

  3. Everything You Need To Know About Chinch Bugs

    Living in the great state of Florida offers many benefits. From the sunshine to the water, it’s no surprise that people flock from all over the country to move here. If you own a residential or commercial property in Florida, you’ve probably spent countless hours outside tending to your lawn and landscape. Unfortunately, the warm and humid weather can bring several unwanted visitors to your la…Read More

  4. The 3 Worst Florida Pests For Your Lawn

    At Palm Coast Pest Control in Jupiter, we understand how hard it is to keep your landscape green, especially during the summer. With the beautiful Florida weather comes unwanted insects and pests that love to feed on your plants and trees, stealing their natural vibrancy with the nutrients that keep them healthy and alive. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common lawn destroying in…Read More

  5. The 8 Most Common Summer Pests in Florida

    While nothing beats the summertime in Florida, it can come with a small, pestering price. Florida’s summer weather offers an ideal paradise for creepy crawlers, as the warm temperatures and humidity tend to increase insect activity. Common summer pests that flock to the Sunshine State such as ants, termites, and spiders can wreak havoc on your backyard barbecues and outdoor gatherings. At Palm C…Read More

  6. The Difference Between Drywood Termites & Subterranean Termites

    According to the U.S. Department of Forestry, termites do more damage annually than fires, floods, and tornadoes combined. Florida is home to two popular types of termite species that can cause severe damage to your home or commercial business. At Palm Coast Pest Control in Jupiter, we offer customized termite control solutions for homes and businesses suffering from an infestation. If you need he…Read More

  7. The Importance Of Winter Rodent Inspections In Florida

    While Florida provides residents and visitors with a beautiful and tropical climate all year round, the cooler winter weather can attract the unwanted attention of rodents and rats to your home or commercial property. During the winter months, mice and rats are actively searching for a warm place to live — and they could settle on your home! Preventative rodent control is key to ensuring your ho…Read More

  8. The Top 3 Winter Pests in Florida

    As the temperature begins to drop in Florida, it’s common for a variety of pests and wildlife to seek shelter for the cold winter ahead. Unfortunately, due to Florida’s warm and moderate winter climate, many unwanted bugs and rodents have adapted to moving into people’s homes in order to survive the winter season. At Palm Coast Pest Control in Jupiter, we’ve helped hundreds of Floridians p…Read More

  9. Health Risks Carried By Rodents

    Many residents of Florida are well aware that the state's beautiful, yet humid, climate provides more than favorable conditions for rodents and pests to flourish. While some people may view little rats and mice as cute furry critters, a rodent infestation is nothing to smile about. When rats and mice enter your home they can spread disease and in serious cases, these health risks can be fatal. Som…Read More

  10. 4 Tips To Manage Mosquito Season In Florida

    Living in the great state of Florida has many perks, including beautiful weather throughout spring, summer and fall seasons. Unfortunately, with beautiful weather comes unwanted pests, and Florida residents have seen their fair share of mosquitoes this year. While there are many ways to keep mosquitos at bay during the warmer months, the four mosquito control tips below have been proven to work fo…Read More